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Jason Kennedy

Jason has represented clients from all segments of the construction industry for the last 20 years and is Board Certified in Construction Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. He assists construction clients with delay and labor impact claims, defective work claims, performance and payment bond claims, breach of contract/breach of warranty claims, and mechanic's lien foreclosures. He also represents construction clients in a wide range of bankruptcy matters, including defense of preference actions, motions to lift stay, reclamation claims, administrative claims, objections to section 363 sales, enforcement of mechanic's liens, and objections to Chapter 11 plans. As a construction lawyer with experience in bankruptcy law, Jason understands the unique issues that arise, and what remedies are available, when an owner, general contractor, or subcontractor files for bankruptcy.

In addition to representing clients in the courtroom, Jason has represented the construction industry before the Texas Legislature. He has been involved, along with select colleagues, in drafting important legislation affecting the construction industry, and he has testified before legislative committees regarding issues critical to the construction sector. He is also a frequent speaker to construction industry and legal groups and associations on topics encompassing a range of construction issues and his unique expertise in construction-related bankruptcy issues. Jason has served on the Governing Council of the Construction Law Section of the Dallas Bar Association,is a member of the Construction Law Section of the Tarrant County Bar Association, the Construction Law Section of the State Bar of Texas, the American Bar Association's Forum onĀ  Construction Law, the American Bankruptcy Institute,and the Bankruptcy Law Section of the State Bar of Texas.

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