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Ramtech Building Systems

During the last nineteen years Ramtech Building Systems has evolved from a two-man operation to a diversified 155 employee Design-Build Construction Company. For over ten years we have depended on you and Henry Steck to analyze major commercial and governmental contracts, professional liability issues, subcontractor agreements, and much more.

The biggest mistake Ramtech ever made was to negotiate the U.S. Virgin Island contract without your assistance. Thank goodness you were later available to help me work through the poorly written contact. On a happier note, I just wanted you to know that everything is going well on the AISD Kindergarten project. We completed the first 37 projects on time and under budget, and they have since added a 38th site. While it took a few weeks to finalize the contract, I think both sides won! The operational/legal process has proven to be clear and concise.

Steve. Most of all I want to thank you for your approach to serving Ramtech. While Ramtech believes in being legally proactive, we do not have the internal resources to always do so. Our goal is to provide win-win documents, fair to all parties, that keep us out of the court-room. Ramtech wants to be measured by the number of happy customers, not the number of lawsuits. We have found working with your firm to be the best way to do this.

Again, thanks for the past support, and with Ramtech’s aggressive plan for the future, we are planning on HSHD’s continued support.

Mike Slataper

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