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Component Construction Corporation

To Whom It May Concern:

Component Construction Corporation has been active as a general contractor in North Texas since 1970. During that time, we have had occasion to use the services of various law firms. We have used Steve Harrison and his firm, Harrison, Steck, Hoover and Drake exclusively for legal representation on all construction issues since 1987.

We originally chose Steve Harrison to represent us in a case involving complex engineering issues. Steve was a licensed and practicing engineer before he went into law, so he easily grasped the engineering issues and was able to translate them to opposing attorneys who weren't so gifted, resolving a controversy that once appeared to be out of control.

We have since used Steve, Henry, Dwayne, Michael, Toby and John on various matters and remain quite satisfied with their efforts. Steve has given freely of his time to the construction industry. I once asked Steve to travel to Las Vegas to speak to a group of contractors for outside of the Metroplex. Steve's presentation was so well received he was asked back the following year to speak to the same group.

I consider these guys to be both our counselors and friends.

Randy Haefli

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