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Boone & Boone Construction, Ltd.

We had been in business for a number of years, and had needed good legal counsel from time to time. We were not satisfied with the service that we had been receiving and had tried several attorneys. Unfortunately, we seemed to know more about construction law than they did.

We were looking for several things in an attorney that we didn't see in those with whom we had dealt. Among those things were a genuine interest in our problem, knowledge and advice of what could and should be done from a legal standpoint to get to a satisfactory conclusion, prompt and efficient response to our calls, personal attention and follow-up, and results that were favorable to our position. We found all those qualities in Michael MacQuaide, who is an attorney with the law firm of Harrison Steck Hoover & Drake. He has handled several types of problems for us, including some judgments and notes that we could not collect, as well as problems with sub-contractors. All this was done efficiently and promptly, and without our spending any time away from our office.

We would like to have accomplished all this for $10.00 an hour, but we are more realistic than that. We were advised up front the amount of hourly charges, consulted with regarding things for which we would have to pay extra, and we received itemized billing. We feel that we were charged fairly for the services rendered to us, and that we received end results that justified using this firm.

We certainly would recommend Harrison Steck Hoover & Drake to others in need of construction legal counsel.

Peggy Boone

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