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We Know Construction

Texas Construction law is the foundation on which our Fort Worth law firm is built, and the reason we're still standing strong today. With over one hundred thirty years of combined experience of construction law in Texas, Harrison Steck attorneys seek resolution for Texas contractors, owners, subcontractors, architects, engineers, and suppliers. Our lawyers represent many of the leading contractors and design professionals in Texas. Feel free to explore our site, no hard hat required.

What Our Clients Say:

Harrison-Steck, P.C. knows construction and they know the law, which allows me to sleep at night.
They believe that right is right and wrong is wrong. If you are right, they will go to the wall for you.
They actually care about us vs. us being a client that pays fees.
Harrison-Steck, P.C. is clearly our strongest business partner and is directly responsible for the success (and survival) of our company.
I was drawn to your firm because of its knowledge and experience of the construction industry.
As risky as the construction business has become, it is a comfort being represented by a firm like yours.
I am always comforted to know that we have not only the best legal representation available when (professional liability) issues periodically arise, but knowledgeable experienced representation from attorneys who truly understand the design professions and the construction industry.
We have enjoyed working with many of the Harrison-Steck, P.C. Team and find them all to be consummate professionals with attention to detail and a depth of understanding on construction related issues that is unequaled.
Steele & Freeman gladly offers this letter of recommendation for you and your firm to any contractor that is looking for the “very best” in the industry.
I can truly say that our firm has benefited by our association with you and all the fine team at Harrison-Steck, P.C.
The personalized way in which you provide that counsel often has us convinced that we are your most important client.
You and your associates have offered guidance on policies and procedures, insurance, bonding, lien claims, contracts, subcontracts, estate planning, tax planning and every other aspect of our company each time explaining all the issues in “plain English”.
We rely upon their expertise to give us sound advice and sound counsel needed to prevent problems from arising and to contain issues when they occur.
As we have grown, you have been an integral part in the counsel of our leadership. We appreciate your honest and fair approach on all issues.
The knowledge, timely response, integrity, honesty and reputation with which your firm transacts its business are the reasons that we are proud you represent us on all legal matters.
We certainly would recommend Harrison-Steck, P.C. to others in need of construction legal counsel.
You've always been our 1st source for construction law.
When we have needed your input on issues, both legal and industry concerns, you have always responded in a very positive manner and have been able to achieve favorable outcomes.
On those occasions when (litigation cannot be avoided by negotiation), it is good to know that the partners in Harrison-Steck, P.C. understand construction and the issues and disputes that can arise in construction, and can represent you to the fullest.
The team at Harrison Steck have provided sound counsel and defended strongly when needed. I am extremely proud to be represented by Harrison Steck and would recommend them to any firm that is in need of superior services.
You are the one I look to and recommend when construction contract problems come up.
I believe we both share a common goal of striving to better the industry.
Ramtech wants to be measured by the number of happy customers, not the number of lawsuits. We have found working with your firm to be the best way to do this.
We feel that we were charged fairly for the services rendered to us, and that we received end results that justified using this firm.
[Mr. Harrison's] intuitive understanding of the construction industry coupled with his educational background in engineering and law have made him extremely effective in dealing with governmental agencies, owner groups, design professionals as well as the General Contractor and Specialty Contractor communities.
We originally chose Steve Harrison to represent us in a case involving complex engineering issues.
In the few instances where we have been involved in litigation, or the threat of litigation, Steve Harrison and Henry Steck have performed brilliantly in representing Byrne, such that our exposure has been minor to negligible.
Steve was a licensed and practicing engineer before he went into law, so he easily grasped the engineering issues and was able to translate them to opposing attorneys who weren't so gifted, resolving a controversy that once appeared to be out of control.
You've represented our members many times and they have always been appreciative of your efforts and very satisfied with your representation.
Mr. Harrison is a professional on all levels and enthusiastically represents our company at reasonable rates. We consider him a valuable asset to our company.
Buford-Thompson Company has become a better contractor because of our association with Steve Harrison and Henry Steck.
I call on you not only for advice, but for a realistic perspective on my situation.
Your expert counsel has proven to be an invaluable resource time and time again.
I would describe Mr. Harrison as a committed, very hard working and smart legal professional.
As a business owner and Chairman of our Board, I cannot begin to describe the comfort Steve and Henry bring to me and our senior management in protecting our company